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Barclays won’t offer Apple Pay support until 2016


Apple Pay UK

Barclays bank customers waiting to jump in on the Apple Pay mobile payments bandwagon will have to wait until 2016.

The news comes via proactive customer Mike Jobson (via AppleInsider), who emailed Barclays UK’s retail banking CEO Ashok Vaswani in the hope of receiving some answers.

After pestering the big wig for a response, Jobson received a reply revealing that Barclays will indeed be supporting Apple Pay – but the launch remains months away.

Vaswani wrote: “We have signed up for Apple Pay and will launch it very early in the New Year. We truly value your custom and hope that you continue to bank with us, particularly since we are launching this shortly.”

Barclays had been the highest profile hold out; Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide, NatWest and RBS signed up from the moment Apple Pay rolled out in the UK in July.

The Apple website lists TSB under its "coming soon" section, but beyond the odd rumour there's been no mention of Barclays jumping aboard.

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With the revelation that it’ll arrive ‘very early’ in the New Year, it’s safe to assume that Barclays customers will be able to make use of those shiny new iPhones and Apple Watches to pay for goods right after Christmas.

Has Apple Pay become a regular part of your routine, non-Barclays customers? Share your experiences below.

Blake Rivers Author

October 8, 2015, 8:18 am

As soon as Apple Pay was announced in the UK and Barclays wasn't part of it, I moved banks. Simple as that. Funnily enough, as my account is still open with them, and they have notice I am not using it, they have 'upgraded' my account with loads of things they will now offer me... not interested. They lost this customer due to their over-inflated ego, believing themselves to the 'the' bank customers will stay with.

Much prefer being with a bank that offers what I want, rather than one that doesn't give a crap. Now a NatWest Customer.

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