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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 17 given black aluminium makeover


BeoLab 17 black

Bang & Olufsen have unveiled a newly refined version of its BeoLab 17 speaker.

The original BeoLab 17 launched in October last year, and has since undergone a makeover courtesy of B&O’s design team.

The speaker now comes sporting a ritzy black aluminium coating that should add some shine to your sound system.

The speakers are attractive for fans of both interior design and great sound,” says Bang & Olufsen.

“Compact wireless speakers that combine stunning acoustic performance, place-anywhere flexibility and innovative design.”

The two-way BeoLab 17 brings with it a custom 6-inch mid-range driver, a 3/4 –inch tweeter, two 160-watt amplifiers and B&O’s own digital sound engine.

The proprietary sound tech promises ’40 times the processing power’ of analogue circuitry.

There are two options for placement – you can either rest your gleaming woofer on its floor base, or make use of a high floor stand for what B&O calls ‘a sculptural statement of acoustic excellence.’ Right.

Choosy folks will be glad to hear there’s also a choice of fabric front colours on offer, as well as B&O assuring us the BeoLab 17 will remain up for grabs in its original aluminium coating.

If you’re keen for some sheen, a singular BeoLab17 speaker in black aluminium will set you back a bankruptcy-inducing £2590 – the same price as the classic variant.

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