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Bang & Olufsen Announces BeoSound 5 Encore

David Gilbert


BeoSound 5 Encore

If we are to believe the promotional video for the new Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Encore, most people live in mid-1980s disco-houses adorned with more high-end audio gadgetry than most high-street music stores.

What gets lost when you watch the video is that B&O has just announced the update to its BeoSound 5 music hub. The BeoSound 5 Encore keeps the 10.4in LCD/scroll wheel controller but does away for the need to BeoMaster music server requirement.

BeoSound 5 Encore

The Encore will let you connect a plethora of devices from all over the home and organise your fragmented music collection in one handy place. You can even connect up to eight BeoSound 5 Encores to a single server, giving everyone in the house access to a central music library.

The BeoSound 5 Encore can play music from “mobile devices", thumb drives and hard drives via a USB port, from a NAS or over A2DP Bluetooth. You will also be able to link into 13,000 internet radio stations straight from the BeoSound 5 Encore.

As always with B&O gear, once you stop yourself drooling over the sleek lines and achingly-beautiful mix of metal and glass, your eyes will fall on the price tag and then, just for a minute, everything goes dark. When you come around again, you’ll remember that the BeoSound 5 Encore will set you back a wallet-hurting £2,900.

Considering you will also have to purchase speakers to hear even a single song from the Encore, the idea of putting one in every room seems like a rather far-fetched idea. Oh well, we’ll just have to open all the doors and turn the sound up instead.

Source: Bang & Olufsen

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