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Asus Transformer Prime Revealed


Asus Transformer Prime

In many ways the Asus Eee Pad Transformer has been the break-through tablet of 2011, and now Asus has revealed its successor – the quad-cored Transformer Prime.

Asus CEO Jonney Shih took to the stage at All Things D's AsiaD conference this morning to reveal the next generation tablet which will be the first to be powered by the Tegra 3 processor (code-named Kal-El).

The Transformer Prime will be officially launched on 9 November and while we still don't know what version of Android it will run, considering that Shih said he expects Ice Cream Sandwich would be coming to tablets before Christmas, we could see the Transformer Prime running Android 4.0 out of the gate - or possible with Honeycomb initially followed by a quick update.

The Transformer Prime (and we do hope Asus asked Optimus’ permission for using his name) will look almost exactly like the Asus Zenbook range with a shiny metallic back, embossed with concentric circles.

Asus Transformer Prime

The Prime will, like its predecessor, come with a keyboard dock which as well as improving productivity, extends battery life to a promised 14.5 hours – which is slightly less than the 16 hours of the original Transformer.

The new tablet will have a 10in screen and will be just 8.3mm thin yet it will still feature a full USB port and mini-HDMI port, as well as a full-sized SD card slot – not forgetting of course that new Tegra 3 silicon sitting inside.

We’ve reached out to Asus for a UK release date and pricing and we’ll update you once we know any more.

For now, let us know in the comments if the Transformer Prime looks like a winner to you or is it just a Decepticon in disguise?

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