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Asus Unveils Padfone At Computex

David Gilbert


Asus Padfone

It was only a matter of time before some bright spark came up with the idea of using your smartphone to power a tablet and remove the need to buy two separate devices.

Asus Padfone

Having teased us with some mysterious images last week regarding one of its announcements at this week's Computex trade show in Taipei, images of what is coming were obtained by website PocketNow and show what is supposedly called the Padfone. Ridiculous name aside, we’re very interested in seeing exactly how this device (or devices to be more accurate) works. As you can see in the pictures, an Asus smartphone will dock inside a tablet and will presumably be used to power the larger device. Both will run Android but it is unknown which flavour it wil ship with but the obviousl choice is the recently announced Ice Cream Sandwich which is specifically designed to work on both smartphones and tablets.

Asus Padfone

Rather than just docking with the tablet via a cable, the phone will be entirely consumed by the tablet. The hinged cover contains a little hole from which the phone’s camera will presumably peep. Asus are expected to give us all the details on the Padfone at some stage today so we’re looking forward to seeing just how the system will work. One question we will have is about the battery set-up as the tablet will surely need to have its own battery or we can look forward to a battery life of 34 minutes if is relying solely on the phone’s battery.

Update: Asus chairman Jonney Shih has just taken to the stage at Computex to unveil the Padfone. While full details of the device are still not known, we do know that the Padfone will combine a 4.3in smartphone with a 10.1in tablet. Our query about the battery are also answered with Asus including an extra cell in the tablet. Asus says it is still tinkering with the final specs of the Padfone such as which flavour of Android it will ship with so we'll have to wait a little longer for those details. Asus has also released a video showing just how great life can be with the Asus Padfone.

Source: PocketNow

Hamish Campbell

May 30, 2011, 5:22 pm

If you'd cringed through the advert like me, then you'd have seen the phone run low on battery and he pops it in the tablet, thus continuing the joyous watching of the video by himself and the beautiful babes, who of course cannot resist this phone and tablet toting, ramp sliding, coffee slurping, umbrella stealing and recently promoted urban dream man.
So yes, there must be a battery in the tablet part.


May 30, 2011, 5:55 pm

Actually this bright spark has been waiting for this for a couple of years, but it's supposed to also have a keyboard dock like the transformer.

Why couldn't they have done both and made this THE device to have? You'd have to be a real iDiot to buy an iPad 2.

BTW Worst Advert Ever. Unless they were going for irony, in which case superb advert!

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