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Assassin’s Creed Empire release date, gameplay, trailers, wishlist and more


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Assassin's Creed Empire/Origins is official, and Ubisoft has said a reveal for the upcoming stealth adventure is coming "very soon". Our money is on an extensive reveal at E3 2017, with a release date before the end of 2017. Ubisoft's premiere franchise is back, and it's set to make a pretty big impact.

TrustedReviews has compiled everything we know about Assassin’s Creed 2017 including all of the latest news, rumours, gameplay, trailers and more. We’ve also put together our very own wishlist.

What is Assassin’s Creed 2017?

Months of rumours and speculation point to this year’s Assassin’s Creed being set in Ancient Egypt. Alongside leaked screenshots and artwork, Ubisoft thas even teased the idea in Watch Dogs 2 during an optional side quest. The usual array of grainy screenshots have surfaced as well. They’re far from definitive, but shine a light on Ubisoft’s potential new direction for the series.

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Ancient Egypt would likely explore the themes of religion, slavery and good ol’ assassination, as you take on the role of an all-new protagonist. Details remain scarce, and it seems E3 2017 will hold all the answers.

A recent leak courtesy of WWG and Eurogamer provides a glimpse at our very first screenshot of Assassin's Creed Origins. Apparently, the Empire subtitle has since been ditched.

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Taking place in Ancient Egypt as previously reported, Origins will be a prequel to all past games, while also hailing the return of the modern-day segments from the first four games. Ubisoft is yet to acknowledge the leaks' existence, so we'll have to wait until E3 2017 to find out more.

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Assassin’s Creed 2017 release date – When is it coming out?

While it’s confirmed for 2017, we’ve yet to hear any word on a potential release date. Ubisoft will want to target the Christmas period, so an October/November launch seems likely.

Assassin’s Creed 2017 wishlist – What we’d love to see

More personality in the open world

Assassin’s Creed Unity and, to a lesser extent, Syndicate, tried far too hard to convey the scale of its open world rather than its actual contents. Clambering across the archaic rooftops of London and Paris quickly grew into an arduous game of icon janitor. Repetitive side activities bled into one another as you completed the same objectives with the same NPCs. Quantity doesn't translate into quality, and it’s high time Ubisoft realised that.

Jacob and Evie Frye were a step in the right direction; now we need the same semblance of likeability transferred to the setting itself. The relatively unorthodox layout of Ancient Egypt should offer Ubisoft an opportunity to shake things up a little. Chances are, we’ll be climbing a pyramid or two.

Bring back the future stuff

This is probably a divisive idea, but the Desmond Miles narrative that was effectively retconned in Assassin’s Creed Unity was fun, wacky and unique to the series. It combined elements of sci-fi and historical fiction that gave all our actions inside the animus an important context. Despite how convoluted it would eventually become, it lent each assassination a meaning beyond lazily referencing famous figures we already knew so much about.

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Such a narrative element could be easily introduced if 2017’s Assassin’s Creed aims to go in a surprisingly new direction. And considering (SPOILERS) Desmond Miles was killed off at the end of Assassin’s Creed 3, now’s the perfect time to try something new.

Plan your own assassinations

What if the largest of operations in Assassin’s Creed worked in a similar manner to Grand Theft Auto 5’s infamous heists? Several missions acting as cohesive, strategic build-up while you decide on different avenues of murder for the game’s big targets. The personal investment that comes from spending hours building up to an extravagant assassination could be fantastic. You’d also grow to truly despise the big evils you’re tasked with taking down, ensuring the final blow is all the more meaningful.

If Ubisoft could learn from the brilliant Hitman episodic entry of last year, we could get something very special.

More challenging combat

Syndicate’s combat was easy, lacking variety and to be honest, pretty damn boring. Fights quickly devolved into constant counters and button mashing to wipe out your adversaries. Enemy variety was a matter of health as opposed to strategy, with nearly every weapon feeling identical in the grand scheme of things.

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Assassin’s Creed's moment-to-moment gameplay is in desperate need of a hearty shot of adrenaline. Ubisoft’s premiere franchise has used the same evolving formula since its debut in 2007, and change is inevitably on the horizon. Given the current two-year hiatus, Ubisoft should do everything in its power to produce a bigger, better and more memorable entry that arguably redefines what we’ve come to identify as Assassin’s Creed.

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What’s on your wishlist for the next Assassin’s Creed? Let us know in the comments.


April 26, 2017, 1:16 am

In relation to the E3 Predictions I do hope we learn something about Shadow of the Tomb Raider and with that I hope to see the following. A teaser trailer, letting us know who the writers are and that Camilla Luddington is returning as the voice of Lara Croft. As for what I want in the game, from lest important to most important, (to me at least).

A Better Melee Combat System. No more of Lara blindly swinging her axes around and I think their going to do this as the resent comics made a big deal about showing off Lara's hand to hand combat skills.

A More Global Adventure. While Yamatai and Kitezh were a lot of fun I want to travel and explore this world while keeping the areas we visit like what we had in the first two games. With each area being its own open world along with several linear levels.

And Finally, Bring Sam Back! She's a great character who adds so much to Lara's character and is just as much a badass as Lara is. As for what sort of role she would play in terms of gameplay I personally would like to see her as a A.I. partner or a helpful voice over the radio like what Nadia did in the DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider or both.

However, I do not want to see her be given the role of Damsel in Distress. Again she's every bit as awesome as Lara and that role has been done. I mean she, beat up a guy with a cupcake, stabbed a shark in the eye and had a Demigod in a battle of wills and WON, how is that not awesome!?

And finally Sam can help lighten the mood through which will make sure that the game never gets to serious as Rise was criticized as being to serious, (I don't think it was that serious but still) so Sam, like Nadia, can help keep the game a bit more up beat but when the situation requires her to be serious she gets serious.

As for how I want to see in regards with her relationship with Lara, while I would like to see them enter into a romantic relationship I am okay with it being kept ambiguous as their relationship is great no matter how its presented (though lets be honest they are made for each other :)

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