Ashes Cricket: Everything we know so far

Big Ant Studios has announced Ashes Cricket, an officially licensed title set to help players experience the iconic sporting event in all its glory. Developed in close collaboration with Cricket Australia, Ashes Cricket intends to be an accurate representation of the popular sport while also being fun to play.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Ashes Cricket include all the latest news, release date, gameplay, trailers and more.

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What is Ashes Cricket?

Developed by Big Ant Studios, Ashes Cricket will be the first sporting project by the studio to be fully licensed with real professional players and grounds being represented in-game. It aims to be “the most realistic and authentic recreation of the sport ever created,” meaning we can probably expect an impressive amount of detail across the whole package.

“There is no competition in cricket that has the heritage and prestige of the Ashes competition” Big Ant CEO Ross Symons said in a statement. “We’ve worked hard to build on our existing experience with cricket to deliver a truly realistic game of cricket to our fans.”

Fans of Cricket should find a lot to love in Big Ant Studio’s upcoming endeavour, especially those looking to have their favourite sport depicted with the utmost accuracy.

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Ashes Cricket Release Date – when is it coming out?

Ashes Cricket is set to launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 16, 2017.

Ashes Cricket Gameplay – How does it play?

Featuring the Commonwealth Bank Women’s Ashes and Magellan’s Men’s Ashes Competitions, players will have the opportunity to create their own athletes, teams, stadiums, and logos before setting off to compete for the iconic trophy.

You can also engineer your own matches, whether it be a brief five over five match or a fully-fledged tour spanning several nations and teams. Many of these bouts can be enjoyed through the comprehensive career mode a junior player can be taken all the way to Ashes’ glory for their respective country.

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Big Ant Studios has made it clear that Ashes Cricket wishes to be completely authentic to the competition while also maintaining what fans have come to love about its previous cricket releases.

“We want cricket to be relevant and accessible to the e-sports generation, helping us develop an even bigger nationwide following for the game at every level” explains ECB Commercial Director Sanjay Patel.

“Ashes Cricket has been designed to be as life-like and authentic as possible. It’s the ideal way for fans to recreate all the excitement and tension of a real-life Ashes contest in their own living rooms.”

Ashes Cricket trailers – How does it look?

Having only been recently announced, we’ve only got a single trailer for Ashes Cricket thus far:

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