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Apple will reduce new MacBook Pro prices in late 2017, apparently


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Last week, Apple stunned the world with its ludicrously priced new MacBook Pro models. Is the tech giant already having a change of heart?

Prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, of KGI Securities, reckons Apple is planning to drop the price of new MacBook Pro models as soon as 2017. He said as much in a note to investors, which was obtained by specialist Apple blog 9to5mac. According to Kuo, Apple tends to overprice its MacBook products when they’re first released, and then gradually lowers the R.R.P.

Apple announced a new generation of MacBook Pro laptops last Thursday, revealing a revamped design that features a customisable OLED Touch Bar that replaces the top row of function keys on the keyboard.

But reception to the new notebooks has been mixed, with most of the discord being directed at the pricing. There are three new models, with prices ranging from £1,449 right up to £2,699, which potentially prices out a huge swath of consumers.

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However, Kuo says we’ll likely see a drop in the price of the MacBook Pro (2016) variants in the second half of next year. He also believes we’ll see refreshed versions of the MacBook Pro that feature 32GB of RAM around the same time. However, he caveats this by saying that the timeline is dependent on the release of Intel’s upcoming Cannonlake processors.

Intel’s Cannonlake CPU is expected to consume significantly less power than its predecessors, Skylake and Kaby Lake. This power saving could then be utilised to increase the amount of RAM. After all, Apple exec Phil Schiller recently revealed that Apple didn’t include 32GB of RAM on the new MacBook Pro models specifically because of power consumption issues.

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything for certain about Apple’s pricing strategy for the future. It’s worth remembering that while Kuo has an impressive track record, he is only an analyst, and so his predictions aren’t official word on the matter. Take these claims with due caution; there may be no price reduction after all.

We’ve asked Apple for comment on Kuo’s predictions and we’ll update this article with any response.

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What do you think of Apple's new MacBook Pro (2016) pricing? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Jalsevac

November 7, 2016, 9:05 pm

Way over-priced. If one mostly uses their laptop via a docking setup, the new ITouch keyboard and new ITouchpad are useless, except when I am on the road and away from my large Apple Thunderbolt monitor and Apple Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad.

I and many other professionals absolutely must use a large Monitor and a docking setup. There are far too many applications and open windows for me to use just the too small laptop screen and on board keyboard, etc. The lack of 32 GB ram is astonishing.

There is so much wrong with this new MacBook Pro that one has to wonder if Apple has become damagingly side-tracked too much in developing their new headquarters palace and their deep involvement in politics and social change efforts - instead of focusing on their core job - development of the world's very best computer and other hardware and software.

It is unsettling to see them having allowed themselves to fall behind other producers who are well ahead of Apple in a number of key areas. Even Siri is now likely the least effective speech command utility among the big players. At least I have become very disappointed with the poor results I have even getting every time I give it a bit more of a challenge than the most basic commands or sentences.

The fanatical obsession by Apple on thinness is hard to comprehend, especially given all that had to be eliminated to achieve what most of us don't at all care about. I have been perfectly fine with the thickness of my current Macbook Pro bought 4 years ago. A thinner laptop would have been very last on a Wishlist for an upgrade. Who the heck is making such a huge deal about that for these high end professional level laptops?

Bonnie Bao

November 7, 2016, 11:54 pm

I'm really disappointed in apple yes they added many new features but they've removed there best ones.

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