Apple Watch 3: Everything you need to know

Apple Watch 3 release date and latest rumours

Looking for Apple Watch 3 news? We’ve rounded up all the latest news and rumours about the Apple Watch 3’s release date, specs, features and price – so read on to find out the key details about Apple’s next smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3, which is now expected to launch alongside the iPhone 8.

Even today, the mobile industry still seems cautious about the prospects of building smartwatches. But despite concerns, Apple has pressed forward with its Apple Watch series of wearables to great financial success.

Next on the horizon? The long-rumoured Apple Watch Series 3, which is expected to launch later this year – although Apple is keeping mum as usual.

If you’re not fussed about all the details, here are our brief predictions for what to expect from the Apple Watch 3:

  • Apple Watch 3 Release Date: September 22 / 23 , 2017
  • Apple Watch 3 Features: Better battery life, improved display
  • Apple Watch 3 Price: £369 – £399

Want more? Read on for all the latest news and rumours about the Apple Watch Series 3.

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Apple Watch 3 Release Date: When is the next Apple Watch out?

Apple does a great job of keeping a lid on device release dates. However, we have a good idea of when to expect the next Apple Watch thanks to rumours, leaks, and a bit of educated guesswork to boot.

For starters, here are previous Apple Watch release dates:

As you can see, the first Apple Watch had a huge delay between reveal and release, which is said to be thanks to supply chain issues. But the more recent Apple Watch Series 2 launched around a week after the device’s debut, which is in line with other Apple products – and about what we expect from the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple has set a trend for announcing Apple Watch models at its usual September iPhone launch events, although the apparent two-year cycle could mean we won’t see a new Apple wearable until 2018.

Still, we think that based on previous Apple events, we’d expect this year’s launch to take place on either Tuesday, September 12, or Wednesday September 13. And we’d expect the release to fall on either Friday, September 22, or Saturday, September 23.

Reports from January 2017 suggested that Apple was targeting the third quarter of this year for the Apple Watch Series 3 launch, with the predictions positing that Apple will announce the Apple Watch 3 alongside the iPhone 7S / iPhone 8 at its usual September launch event.

Apple Watch 3 Design, Specs and Features: What to expect from Apple Watch Series 3

Little is known about the Apple Watch 3 specs at this point, so we can’t say exactly what you should expect to see.

Apple Watch 3 battery life

One of the obvious improvements we’re expecting is a boost to battery life. One of the biggest ongoing concerns about the Apple Watch’s viability as a useful gadget is the short battery life, so Apple is certainly under pressure to make improvements.

That said, in our Apple Watch Series 2 review, we note that the device generally lasted between two to three days before requiring charge, which isn’t bad considering the woeful state of charge cycles across the smartwatch industry.

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Apple Watch 3 screen

Another rumoured change is the possible introduction of a Micro-LED screen. Current Apple Watch models use increasingly popular OLED screens, on account of their energy efficient and great dynamic range. Micro-LED panels are brighter and even less power-hungry, but they cost a bit more too. Apple may decide the switch is worth it to improve battery life, but it’s still too early to say.

In any case, we’re expecting the Apple Watch Series 3 display to retain the 1.65-inch form factor and 390 x 312 resolution, if only to make life easier for developers. Bumping resolution could require app modifications, and even if the aspect ratio was retained, the visual benefits may not be worth the cost to power-efficiency.

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Apple Watch 3 design

An existing Apple patent filing shows that the Californian tech giant has cooked up a modular design for the Apple Watch that allows you to swap features in and out as you please.

This modular functionality would be built into the strap, and would let users add extra battery life, a camera, and additional sensors – all bought from the Apple Store at a hefty cost too, we’d bet.

Unfortunately, just because a patent exists doesn’t mean it’ll ever see the light of day, so don’t count on Apple launching a modular smartwatch any time soon.

Overall, it’s likely that the Apple Watch 3 design will be very similar to the Apple Watch 2; water-resistance is a sure carry-over, as is the Digital Crown twist dial. The device may slim down slightly, lose some weight, and gain a few colour options and straps, but don’t expect a revolutionary makeover.

Apple Watch 3 Price: How much will the Apple Watch Series 3 cost?

We haven’t seen any Apple Watch 3 price rumours yet, but we can still take a good guess at it.

The most basic model of the first Apple Watch priced at £299 in the UK, and $349 in the USA. Then the Apple Watch 2 launched and prices rose to £369 in the UK and $369 in the USA.

With the Apple Watch 3, you can bet that we’ll see similarly heightened UK pricing, in relation to US pricing at least. We’d be very surprised, however, if the Apple Watch 3 price was any higher than £399.

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