Apple vs Samsung – The verdict: Samsung to pay Apple $1.05billion

The jury in the Apple vs Samsung patent trial has awarded damages to Apple to the tune of $1,051,855,000, following a landmark ruling.

The jury found the Samsung had indeed been in violation of Apple’s various software and hardware patents, and had lead to trade-dress dilution. 

After just two days of deliberation the jury decided that Apple was entitled to substantial compensation that breaks down as follows:

$57,000,000 for the Samsung Prevail

$44,792,974 for the Infused 4G

$53,123,612 for the Mesmerize

$3,350,256 for the Replenish

$954,060 for the Transform

Being a US based case all the Samsung device in question are US models but the implications for the companies involved and for the industry are much wider. 

More to follow…

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