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Apple Unveils Discounted iMac Deal

David Gilbert


Apple Unveils Discounted iMac Deal

Apple has unveiled an offer for educational institutions on its US website giving them the chance to get their hands on an iMac for just $999 (£610) – but you'll get a lot less Mac for your money and it's only available in the US so far.

Apple is offering the stripped-back version of its 21.5in iMac to educational institutes for a lower price than a regular, entry-level iMac but the with the price cuts, come quite a few compromises. Separately, the Apple Higher Education store still offers a fully-featured 21.5in iMac for the discounted price of £880 to third-level students and educators.

When Apple refreshed the iMac line up in May an entry level 21.5in model set you back £999. A similar-looking model has now appeared on the US website for just $999 but is only available to educational institutions and is missing some major features.

The new model comes with dual-core Core i3 running at 3.1GHz compared to a quad-core Core i5, 2GB of RAM compared to 4GB, 250GB HDD compared to 500GB and 256MB of VRAM compared to 512MB.

The offer does come with a wireless keyboard including numeric keypad and a mouse, but you don’t get the choice of a free trackpad. Oh, and there’s no Thunderbolt port either – and while this may not worry many universities and colleges at the moment, it could affect its resale value in a few years when Thunderbolt could be a lot more widespread.

We are waiting to hear back from Apple regarding the availability of the offer in the UK, but for now the offer seems to be open to American institutions only.

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August 8, 2011, 7:53 pm

More research needed by TR here guys. The Apple Higher Education store (for those at university or have a NUS card) don't have this shaved down model, but do offer the standard base i5 21.5" for £879.60.
So this isn't for anyone in HE, unless they want to pay more than they need to. It might be for FE or it may be schools - I have a feeling schools get the lowest level of discount so perhaps its for that. But a story saying this is the cheapest iMac available to university students is wrong.


August 8, 2011, 10:55 pm

What BeardedHawk said.


August 9, 2011, 12:00 am

BeardedHawk is right, that £879 model is the normal entry-level iMac with an educational discount applied. The stripped-back version is only for sale to educational institutions, not to individuals, and it's not clear whether it's even available in the UK yet.

David Gilbert

August 9, 2011, 6:58 pm

Apologies to all. The article was misleading and has now been fixed to reflect the real situation. Thanks for pointing out the issues.

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