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Apple TV could finally get this long-absent app at WWDC


Apple TV

A week ago it was reported Amazon Prime Video could could finally be arriving on the Apple TV.

Now, a further report from Buzzfeed says the deal between the two firms has been inked and the app will be announced at WWDC on June 5.

The source says a release is scheduled for this summer, although it may slip to a little later in the year.

The frosting of the relationship between the two companies should also mean the Apple TV will be available to buy from Amazon once again.

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Amazon removed the hockey puck-like device from its store fronts back in 2015 because it didn’t support Amazon Prime video.

However, even when Apple announced tvOS would have its own App Store, Amazon didn’t bother to submit a Prime Video app to Apple, the report says.

Given Apple TV supports pretty much every other major streaming platform, it was a surprise to see Prime Video absent from tvOS - especially as there has long been an Amazon Video app for iOS.

iPhone or iPad owners were still able to cast Prime Videos to the Apple TV via AirPlay, making the whole standoff seem kind of silly.

Now, it seems the two companies have come to an accord that’ll be greeted enthusiastically by Apple TV owners.

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