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Apple To Launch Two New iPhones [Report]

David Gilbert


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Trying to second-guess what Apple is planning in relation to its next iPhone is like trying to guess what is going on in Charlie Sheen’s head – pointless. But that doesn't stop people from having a go.

The latest to throw his hat into the ring is Chris Whitmore, an analyst with Deutsche Bank, who has predicted that Apple will release two new versions of the iconic phone in September. And what is Chris basing such a radical suggestion on? Not much as it turns out.

Whitmore thinks Apple will release a brand new model, the iPhone 5, as well as a revamped iPhone 4, called the 4S. The latter will be aimed at the pre-pay market costing around £220 while the iPhone 5 will continue to target the premium contract market. Whitmore is basing his guess about dual iPhones on his opinion that a cheaper phone will be able to penetrate markets which the iPhone currently doesn’t have a significant presence in – such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. We’ve seen rumours about a cheaper iPhone before but there is little actual evidence that one is going to be launched as Apple could simply make older models available on prepay to try and enter the sector of the market Whitmore is talking about.

Deutsche Bank Apple iPhone 5 4s

Another analyst, Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, has given a different – and more believable – predication of what is coming from Apple. Having just returned from Taiwan, where most of the components of the iPhone are manufactured, Huberty said a single iPhone 5 will go into production in mid-to-late August and will be launched and go on sale in September.

In other Apple news, it has been reported that Apple will choose Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC) as the manufacturer of the A6 chip for upcoming iPhones and iPads, getting rid of Samsung who is Apple’s current semiconductor partner. This may be seen as a dig at Samsung as a result of the current legal impasse the companies are engaged in. However, looking at it objectively, the change could be because Apple wants to change from the 45nm process on which the current A5 chip is built, to a newer, lower-power 28nm ARM chip from TSMC. It’s all speculation at the moment so we’ll have to wait and see if the new iPhone (or iPhones) will have a new chip inside them.

Source: CNN and Ars Technica

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