Apple Student Discount: Get the best deals on MacBooks, iPads and more

Apple Student Discount: Our guide to the best back-to-school deals from Apple and how to save on MacBooks, iPads, Macs and more with Apple’s special education pricing.

The time has come for students across the UK to return to, or begin, university. And, not wanting to miss out on the vast amounts of cash that will be spent in the run-up to the start of term, Apple has a decent student discount scheme you should definitely be taking advantage of.

In fact, the scheme also applies to lecturers, teachers and even parents, so if you’ve got a hellish first term full of rowdy freshers to face this autumn, or want to help your kids get kitted out, you can at least take the sting out of it.

With discounts across its product range, Apple’s Education Offer is well worth keeping in mind when looking for a new device to accompany you on your uni adventures. But how does it work? Read on for a full explanation.

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Apple Student Discount – What is it and how does it work?

Apple has an entire store dedicated to its discounted products for those in education, and it’s full of great products.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, Apple’s range of MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros are certainly worth checking out. There are also desktop alternatives in the form of iMacs. Or perhaps you’re looking for a new tablet? The iPad range is made up of similarly spectacular offerings.

We’re not sure you could justify a new iPhone, Apple TV or Apple Watch to your parents, though – which is probably why the education offer doesn’t apply to those products.

However, Apple did just announce that the Apple Upgrade Program is coming to the UK. This could be a great opportunity for student’s who want to get the latest iPhone every year.

Apple Upgrade Program UK

iPad Air 2

So how do you go about getting that all-important discount? First, you’ll need to make sure you’re either an employee of an education institution, a post-secondary education student, or the parent of a post-secondary education student.

To start taking advantage of Apple’s generosity, you’ll need a UNiDAYS account or a letter of acceptance from your university. Employees should have some form of ID that proves they’re employed by the institution in question.

Then head over to the company’s education store and log in with your UNiDAYS account. This will allow you to see the discounted prices online.

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macbook air

If you don’t have a UNiDAYS account, you can register through one of the verification sites Apple uses, such as Student Beans. You’ll then get access to the education store via whichever site you use to verify your student status.

Alternatively, you can call Apple directly and verify yourself using an acceptance letter or ID. The number is 0800 048 0408.

And finally, there is the option to go to a bricks-and-mortar store, taking the relevant ID or letter with you. Apple even lets parents of students access the discount, even if their child isn’t with them, as long as they have the proof.

Apple Student Discount – How much can I save?

How much will you get off Apple’s range of notoriously pricey machines? Discounted prices are applied across the range, but there’s no set percentage, so you won’t get a flat 15% off all the devices in the store. Instead, products are discounted at different rates, meaning it’s worth taking a look around before you decide what to buy.

MacBook Air

And it seems Apple’s generosity knows no bounds, as the company has also decided to give away a free pair of Beats by Dre headphones with all eligible purchases of a Mac, iPad or iPhone from June 15 to September 5.

Apple Student Discount – Apple Music

Not to be outdone by rivals Spotify, Apple is also offering a discount on its Apple Music streaming service. If you’re in full-time education, you can get a whopping 50% off the price of a subscription – plus you get the usual first three months free.

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apple musicThis could be you!
Student subscriptions to Apple Music are currently available in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. In the UK, the half-price discount brings the monthly cost down to £4.99, from £9.99.

Again, you’ll need a UNiDAYS account to validate your student status, but it’s a fairly simple process. Just head over to the Apple Music site’s Student page and follow the instructions to take advantage of the offer.

If you’re using Apple Music on a mobile device, you can also just tap ‘Are you a University Student?’ to begin the verification process.

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Let us know in the comments if you’ve got any more Apple student discount tips.