Apple Store goes down ahead of tonight’s iPhone launch

Is the Apple Store down? Latest news and updates

Apple’s online store has gone down mere hours before the launch of the iPhone 8, iPhone X – or both. 

Try accessing the Apple Store and you’ll be greeted by a message noting that the Cupertino crew is updating its digital storefront, advising you to check back soon – though Apple does not say quite how soon.

For regular followers of Apple’s annual iPhone launch this will not come as a surprise, as the company has previously shutoff access to the Apple Store ahead of new iPhone or iPad launches, only to boot the site back up again with pre-orders of the newly announced device ready and waiting for keen Apple fans.

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When the store is back online, we’d predict that the next iPhone – whether it’s dubbed the iPhone 8 or iPhone X – will be available to pre-order in the US at the very least, as models of the next iPhone are also expected to be revealed and sent up for pre-order at roughly the same time.

Other Apple products can be expected as well, including the Apple Watch 3 and a refreshed 4K Apple TV, the latter is predicted to come with 4K capabilities.

Alongside the launch of the new iPhone and other glossy Apple products, we also expect Tim Cook and fellow executives to champion features in iOS 11 and reveal exactly when iPhone and iPad users can expect to see a non-beta version of Apple mobile operating system to be pushed out to their devices.

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