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Apple Steve Jobs patent upheld by USPTO

Sam Loveridge



The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has upheld 20 of Apple’s patent claims after reviewing what is known as the Steve Jobs patent.

In December last year, the USPTO tentatively rejected all claims under the Steve Jobs patent which relates to a multitouch patent described as a “touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristsics.” Apple’s own lawyers and other have nicknamed it the Steve Jobs patent.

The Steve Jobs patent was challenged anonymously in 2012, which caused the USPTO to re-examine it and rejecting 20 of Apple’s claims under the filing.

It has now been discovered that the USPTO issued a certificate on September 4 stating all of Apple’s claims have been upheld.

“No amendments have been made to the patent. As a result of the re-examination, it has been determined that: The patentability of claims 1-20 is confirmed.”

This is a huge win for Apple, and could cause problems not only for Samsung and Google but other Android smartphone and tablet manufacturers too.

Motorola has already been accused of infringing the Steve Jobs patent with products prior to the Moto X. In August, the Federal Circuit sided with Apple with respect to a key multitouch hardware patent.

"The Smartphone has defined modern life. Be it in the workplace, the home, airports, or entertainment venues across America, individuals are tethered to their handheld devices,” said Circuit Judge Reyna at the time. “Not long ago, users primarily spoke into these devices. Today, fingers tapping, grazing, pinching, or scrolling the screen is a ubiquitous image that reflects how we conduct business, work, play, and live. The asserted patent in this case is an invention that has propelled not just technology, but also dramatically altered how humans across the globe interact and communicate. It marks true innovation."

Samsung was found guilty of Steve Jobs patent infringements in October 2012 by an International Trade Commission judge. This is why Samsung is now suffering the effects of an import ban in the US for select tablet and smartphone models.

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October 18, 2013, 11:41 am

This will just challenge innovation and competition and I wonder if the god like status given to Jobs is behind the reason for granting this to Apple. Could you imagine the mouse, the keyboard, joysticks, and other such controllers, graphic design pads, dongles and so on being patented so that royalties had to be paid to use them. This is ridiculous. I hope it wont stop the UK getting products that aren't Apple at decent prices, not hiked up to aid Apple to compete on the value front. Sometimes I think people are so ignorant to the concept of a monopoly.


October 18, 2013, 2:58 pm

Yep, Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO at the time stole the iphone concept verbatim when he was on Apple's board. No wonder SJ was furious at Google. Schmidt is one sneaky SOB. Samsung would be nothing without Android, just a hardware manufacturer and a shameless copycat.

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