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Apple sold dodgy USB-C cables, and now it wants them back


Some 12-inch MacBook cables were affected

Apple has launched a replacement program for a number of USB-C charge cables it sold last year.

The company says that the recall is based on a “design issue” that means the cables may stop working correctly.

The recall relates specifically to cables sold during June 2015 – here’s how to tell if yours is affected:

cableApple's cable replacement guide

“A limited number of Apple USB-C charge cables that were included with MacBook computers through June 2015 may fail due to a design issue,” explains Apple.

As a result, your MacBook may not charge or only charge intermittently when it’s connected to a power adapter with an effected cable,” the company continues.

Apple says that all “eligible customers” will receive a new, redesigned USB-C cable for free.

It’s worth noting that the program also covers USB-C cables that were sold by Apple as a standalone accessory.

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So how do you get a replacement cable? If you’ve already provided a valid mailing address during MacBook registration, you’ll be sent a new cable by the end of the month.

Otherwise, you’ll need to provide your MacBook serial number to verify eligibility. You can then contact Apple through a retail store, an authorised service provider, or Apple Support, to claim your free cable.

Also, if you’ve already replaced your cable because of this issue, you can contact Apple for a refund.


February 14, 2016, 10:36 am

Good article - clearly and calmly explaining the facts.
The headline, however, is a piece of click-bait rubbish.
Where in the article does it say that Apple wants the faulty cables back?
It is a replacement program, not a recall
- see https://www.apple.com/uk/su...
Why use "dodgy" rather than "defective"?
It seems that journalistic integrity does not have much place in your reporting.
Should we interpret the name of your publication in the same way.
"Trusted" reviews, perhaps


February 14, 2016, 12:47 pm

Disgraceful headline click bait. Perhaps Apple recalls faulty USB c cables would have been more accurate.

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