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Apple says it has no plans to launch cheap iPhone

Luke Johnson


iPhone 5S

Apple will never bow to market share pressures and produce a cheap, entry-level iPhone the company’s executives have confirmed.

While Google has seen Android’s smartphone market share blossom thanks in large to the platform’s ability to target all price points and user needs, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Product Marketing Executive, has revealed the Cupertino-based company will not be drawn into such areas of the market.

Instead, Joswiak insists the iPhone 6 maker will continue to focus on looking to improve user experiences, rather than pushing towards more affordable price points.

“We were talking about some of the mistakes Apple made in the ‘90s, and some of it was trying to do things like making cheap products that were chasing market share instead of chasing a better experience,” Joswiak said.

Speaking at the Code/Mobile conference he added: “You make that mistake once in your life, you’re not going to make it twice.”

Although Google’s Android OS controls a massive 73.9 per cent of the smartphone space, Joswiak has claimed Apple is unconcerned by its shrinking hold on the market.

Our goal is to make the best products with the best experience,” he said.

“We [believe] that if we make a better product, and a better experience, that there will always be a healthy market for that.

“A healthy market doesn’t mean we have to be a market-share leader.”

The iPhone 6 launched last month alongside the company’s first phablet device, the iPhone 6 Plus. While the new handsets have seen the iPhone 5C dropped in price, the colourful phone is still not that easy on your wallet.

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October 29, 2014, 4:03 pm

Cheap entry-level? How about cheap mid-range and cheap top-end - that is where the Android market seems to be headed with Moto G, Huawei/Honour, OnePlus etc. Apple will have to become the 'Rolex' of the industry if they forever wish to charge premium prices once compelling alternatives at far better prices become the norm.

By 'Rolex', I mean they will have to take refuge in high price and exclusivity for its own sake and sell to people who value the product as much because others can't afford it as for any intrinsic technical advantage.


October 29, 2014, 8:05 pm

why should they they are coining it in.

After years of overclocking, modding etc on the PC im loving the apple eco system


October 29, 2014, 8:05 pm

Apple have to do nothing you say, nothing.


October 29, 2014, 9:49 pm

Yeah, you're probably right.

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