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Apple's screen-with-holes patent paves the way for translucent bezel-less iPhone


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Rumours of an iPhone with an edge-to-edge screen have been around for a while now, with many expecting the design change to debut on the iPhone 8.

And while the amount of iPhone 8 rumours has become overwhelming to the point it's difficult to know just what to expect from Apple this year, a newly-granted patent further supports speculation of a bezel-less display.

Originally spotted by AppleInsider, the patent details a display technology that uses pixels capable of self-lighting (ie OLEDs) arranged on a flexible surface with gaps in between.

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The gaps would allow Apple to mount sensors and other equipment, such as a camera or speaker behind the openings, effectively integrating them below the display itself.

What's more, the spaces between pixels could even allow for a 'window' that would allow users to see through the display itself.

This could enable an augmented reality function, whereby the phone overlaid information or graphics onto the real-world using the 'window', which would be made up of a glass panel on the rear and the main transparent OLED display.

It's an exciting development, which would allow Apple to finally do away with bezels by mounting front-facing cameras below the display itself.

This is something that has long-been discussed, with previous patents hinting at Apple's plans to move elements such as the fingerprint scanner and home button below the home screen.

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Other elements such as microphones, speakers, mouthpieces etc, that usually require bezels could also be integrated into the display in this way.

Of course, a patent is no guarantee that a particular technology will make it to market, but with all the other patents we've seen hinting at a full-face display, we wouldn't be surprised to see something like this in a future iPhone.

We're not sure whether that will be the iPhone 8 at this point, but it's conceivable, especially given all the the talk of Apple making the switch to OLED for its next iPhone instalment.

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