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Apple’s next Magic Mouse likely to feature Force Touch tech


Magic Mouse

The next iteration of the Apple Magic Mouse accessory may benefit from the Force Touch technology used on some MacBook laptops and the Apple Watch.

The trackpad-based technology, currently in use on the MacBook Pro 13/15-inch models and the 12-inch MacBook has been spotted in a recently filed patent (via TechRadar).

It features force sensors that are able to detect how hard the user is pressing, enabling the MacBook to offer different options within OS X.

There’s also a Taptic Engine which registers a clicking sensation wherever users tap the trackpad.

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The trackpad sends a tangible response to your fingertip when you perform certain tasks, like aligning annotations on a PDF,” Apple explains on its website.

Apple also has a dedicated Magic Trackpad 2 featuring the tech, while it also exists on the iPhone 6S range under the 3D Touch guise.

Bringing this to the Magic Mouse appears to be the next logical step, although it’s unclear whether the patent filed will ever come to fruition as a consumer product.

The Magic Mouse was last refreshed in October last year as an in-the-box option for those buying a brand new iMac, while it is also available separately for £65/$79.

The only real upgrade was the battery was replaced with a lightning port for charging purposes.

Tom Scharf

April 6, 2016, 12:19 am

Wow, 2016, and Apple has officially recognized right click. Of course it is force touch on the magic mouse. Let's not expect the tech media to comprehend that it is fundamentally the same thing. I mean this is incredibly brilliant. context sensitive options. Perhaps they can put a rounded square around it and patent it.

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