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Apple’s new TV app doesn’t support Netflix or Amazon Video


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Bad news, binge-watchers: Apple’s new TV app won’t support Netflix or Amazon Video at launch.

Last night, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a new TV app – for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone – that is designed to ‘unify’ your viewing experience. But although it comes packed with a bunch of great features and content, it won’t offer Netflix or Amazon Video, two of the world’s most popular online streaming services.

Neither content provider was mentioned in yesterday’s keynote, and their apps don’t appear in any of the official ‘TV’ app media. And speaking to Wired, Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran said: “I can confirm we are not participating and evaluating the opportunity."

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It’s not hugely surprising that Amazon Video didn’t make it onto the TV app; after all, it’s never been available on Apple TV anyway. But Netflix is a real shame, as it’s been available on Apple TV for a while, and was even a supporter of the set-top box’s universal search feature.

The new ‘TV’ app aims to bring together all the content you watch across different services. The main hub of the app is a ‘Watch Now’ section that will highlight new episodes and next episodes of shows you’re currently watching, as well as content you were already halfway through. There’s also an editor-curated section that will suggest new content for you. The real sell is that all of this content is pulled from a bunch of different streaming services, live cable channels, and locally stored media – but not Netflix or Amazon Video. Apple also made much of the new app’s Siri integration, allowing users to request content with their voice.

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It’s not clear why Netflix or Amazon Video didn’t appear on the new ‘TV’ app, but it’s certainly unfortunate. However, there’s always a chance that support for either (or both) of the apps could be added in the future. Stay tuned.

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Kevin Moore

October 28, 2016, 8:25 am

This is bad management from Apple, both Netflix and Amazon are the leading streaming services. What will happen is that the consumer will not buy Apple TV because it does not support Netflix or Amazon prime. In a while Apple will then be scratching it's head wondering why people are not buying Apple TV. In contrast the Amazon fire stick TV supports Netflix and all the other streaming services. Where with this people will buy Amazon's fires tick tv over Apple,s TV. Therefor the deduction is that the Apple tv has been badly managed with little thought about what the consumer wants.


October 28, 2016, 10:33 am

any news on TV broadcasts that impact the UK? Like, BBC, ITV, Sky, BT?

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