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Apple Releases iOS 4.3.2 Update For iPad, iPod and iPhone

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Apple has released the latest version of its mobile software to update iPads, iPods and some iPhones.

The 614MB (or 666.2MB if your Stateside) iOS 4.3.2 download won’t make any radical improvements to your iDevice, but it keeps everything ticking over and regular updates like this will no doubt be viewed enviously by WP7 and Android phone owners. The major feature of this update is that it fixes reported screen freezes or blank screens during FaceTime calls. It will also sort out some issues iPad owners were having while trying to connect to their network via 3G. Of course the update will also bring with it the latest security updates to help protect your precious iPad 2.

While both iPad models are support, not all iPhone owners will be so lucky. The iPhone 4 and 3GS will receive the updated software but owners of older models will just have to fend for themselves. Third and fourth generation iPod touches will also be included in the update. The download is available now from your iTunes store no matter where you are in the world. Of course it hasn’t taken long for the hacker community to get to grips with the update and a guide to jailbreaking iOS 4.3.2 is already available.

This update is not going to be a life changer but it continues to show that while Apple’s ecosystem is certainly very closed, it also means that updating software is a much easier and regular experience.

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