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Apple Gets Backing For Smaller SIM

David Gilbert


iPhone Micro SIM

When Apple introduced the micro SIM card with the launch of the original iPad and rolled it out in the iPhone 4, it caused a bit of a stir among other manufacturers, carriers and customers. Now Apple is proposing an even smaller SIM card and has got the backing of at least one carrier.

In a bid to be able to produce even thinner devices, Apple has proposed a even smaller SIM than its micro SIM – which is basically a regular SIM with the extra plastic cut off. Apple has submitted its proposal to the European telecoms standards body, ETSI, and the move has received backing from at least one mobile carrier. "We were quite happy to see last week that Apple has submitted a new requirement to (European telecoms standards body) ETSI for a smaller SIM form factor – smaller than the one that goes in iPhone 4 and iPad," said Anne Bouverot, Orange's head of mobile services.

iPhone Micro SIM

But Orange are not the only carrier to back the move from Apple, with Bouverot adding: “They have done that through the standardization route, through ETSI, with the sponsorship of some major mobile operators, Orange being one of them." The Orange executive added that the process would take some time but that phones touting the slimmed-down SIMs could be seen as soon as next year. The SIM card in your phone at the moment has been around for about a decade now and the reality is that it will need to change sooner rather than later to keep up with technological advancements.

While we recognise the need for SIMs to change, we just hope that we don’t see a couple of standards emerging, leading to fragmentation in the market but for now we’ll remain positive in our outlook and hope Apple’s proposal will gain widespread acceptance.

Source: Reuters


May 18, 2011, 10:35 pm

Guess they had to let those plans for the embedded SIM go. This seems like a more open, less Jobsian control freak route, so I can see why the networks find it easier to support.


May 19, 2011, 2:52 am

I don't think they have let them go, just waiting for the a better opportunity.

I have no love at all for the networks to be honest, for me the embedded SIM would be ideal as it would mean no more rummaging foreign countries looking for that rare SIM card with decent data plan.

Apple's game is out there for anyone who wishes to see, this "Jobsian control freak" is pure PR BS and not even original at that.

The dangerous ones are the secretive control freaks.

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