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Apple Pay registers 1 million bank cards in first 3 days


Apple Pay

Apple has registered around one million credit cards to Apple Pay within the first 72 hours of the mobile payment service's launch.

With the NFC payment platform yet to be introduced to the UK, it looks like US citizens are jumping at the chance to pay for goods with their iPhones.

The firm’s CEO, Tim Cook, revealed the news at the Wall Street Journal Digital Conference in California yesterday.

We’re just getting started, but the early ramp looks fantastic,” said the Apple boss.

Despite Cook’s brave face, it’s been a rocky start for Apple Pay.

A group of US retailers have banded together to shut out Apple Pay from stores nationwide, including Walmart, Rite Aid, and CVS.

They’re all partners of an Apple Pay competitor called CurrentC, due to launch next year, and are consequently looking to block Apple’s payment system.

Apple announced the service just last month at its iPhone 6 launch event over in Cupertino.

It makes use of the NFC chip built into the new iPhone, meaning users can pay for goods at brick-and-mortar stores through contactless transfer.

It’s not the first NFC-powered payment system by any means. Google’s had its own service – Google Wallet – offering similar functionality in the US since 2011.

Although Apple Pay has landed in the US, there’s still no set date for a UK release.

If you’re eager to enjoy NFC payments in the UK, EE offers a ‘cash on tap’ service that works in much the same way – but only if you’re on their network.

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October 28, 2014, 2:37 pm

In the UK, "Zapp" looks to be the first major step into mobile payments thats being supported by Banks and will work on the highstreet. Although I dont think it uses NFC it seems to use codes/texts to let you know a payment is due which you then have to approve on the phone, rather than just "tap and go", so should be safer than NFC (assuming the Zapp Cloud isn't hacked obviously)



May not even need Apple Pay/Google Wallet...

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