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Apple Pay launches in Canada, but only for AmEx customers


Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now up and running in Canada, the third nation to gain access to Cupertino’s up and coming mobile payments platform.

The North American country joins the United States and United Kingdom as the only nations to benefit from the iPhone and Apple Watch-based feature.

However, adoption is unlikely to be too widespread initially as American Express is the only financial institution to offer day one support (via MacRumors).

Those AmEx cardholders north of the US border will be able to sign up by heading to the Wallet section of their iPhone, which, pre-iOS 9, was known as Passport.

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Vendors like McDonald's and Tim Horton's are among the first to start accepting payments, while Apple continues to work with other banks and card providers.

The firm is apparently talking to Royal Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, CIBC, and National Bank of Canada in order to broaden availability.

According to a report from the Financial Post, AmEx customers in Australia and Singapore might be able to jump aboard before the week is out too.

Earlier on Tuesday we brought word TSB and Tesco Bank are now both supporting Apple Pay in the UK, while last week CEO Tim Cook said the firm was also working on bringing it to Ireland.


November 18, 2015, 1:52 am

Being only Amex is a current problem for Canadian consumers but also a future problem for the big five banks that [predictably] placed their own interests over their clients. When I called both Bank of Montreal and Scotiabank, they gave me the same song and dance - have to be studied, in discussions, even.. wait for it... that the government of Canada is behind the delay. These banks really do think their customers are stupid and unaware of technology. What we are really talking about is 15 cents [and probably much less] on 100 dollars of transactions to ensure my card security.

I have decided to move all of my business to the first bank that implements Apple Pay, not because it is a must have, best ever, earth changing technology, but because it will reflect the bank's interest in serving 'my needs'. And so far, I am not seeing this from my current banks.

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