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Apple patents packaging to double as an iPhone dock


Apple patents packaging to double as an iPhone dock

The days of buying a charging dock or stand for an Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad could be numbered, as Apple may build one into the product’s own box.

Apple has been granted a patent for a new design of product packaging than enables it to double easily as a stand or dock for its mobile gadgets such as the iPhone or iPod.

According to Patently Apple, the application was filed in May 2011 but has just been published and detailed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple iDevice packaging dock

Its accompanying diagram shows packaging for a generic iPhone or iPod touch style of mobile device. The box has a removable lid and a base that can transform into a stand or, when used with the gadget’s supplied cable, a charging dock.

Rather than some quick-fix temporary solution, the new packaging appears to be intended as a more long-term stand or dock as it has parts to hold the mobile in place.

A rudimentary version can already be done with existing Apple packaging, such as the new iPad mini, as a video on Gotta Be Mobile demonstrates.

Perhaps Apple has already realised that more can be done with its containers.

Apple packaging dock patent

There’s a healthy market in third-party accessories for Apple gear such as charging docks and iPad stands, and whether Apple’s plan actually makes it into the real world remains to be seen.

Apple iPhone 5

If your iDevice came with a convertible stand made out of the box itself, would you be less likely to buy a “proper” accessory? Let us know on the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook feeds or via the comments boxes below.

Via Patently Apple

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November 10, 2012, 2:06 pm

But I can't believe it will be the outer packaging.
If the box is the dock, and now an integral part of your iPhone setup - rather than something that can be disposed of - then who is going to want their dock potentially scruffy and marked because it is the outer packaging of their phone?

More likely it will still be shipped in a outer box, and this dock part will be an inner layer of the packaging.

So all they are doing is including a dock with your iphone, and neatly designing it so they fit together in the box. Big deal!

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