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Apple Music for Android gains feature iOS users can only dream of


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Since it arrived on the Google Play Store in November, Apple Music for Android has been slowly improving, but has trailed the functionality of the iOS app.

However, now Apple has updated the music streaming app to offer a feature iPhone and iPad users will probably never have access to - offline storage to an SD card (via Engadget).

Given there’s no limit has to how many tracks can be stored offline, Android device owners can now hoard as much as an SD card can handle.

With data limits an ongoing concern for most smartphone users, it’s a big boost for those choosing to access their music via an app.

Of course, it’s all somewhat of a misnomer given there’s not a single iOS device with an SD card functionality. Still, the prospect of Apple’s flagship musical offering being more functional on Android takes some getting used to.

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Elsewhere, the Android app now also features the full Beats 1 program schedule.

It also adds the ability to browse stored music by Composers and Compilations, which makes it easier to find classical albums and movie soundtracks.

If you’re yet to take Apple Music for a spin on your Android device, you can sample it for three months on Apple’s dime.

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Speaking of Spotify, today it became available to stream without a smartphone, television, tablet or desktop device, thanks to the Amazon Echo speaker.

Dead Words

February 5, 2016, 12:42 am

Ooooo draaaama. This is actually surprising though. It's not just the added feature that iOS devices don't have access to, it's that Apple would support that feature in any way whatsoever, since they've been so adamant to not support it on their own devices.

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