Apple tipped to launch three new Macs with custom chips in 2018

Step aside, Intel. Apple is working on three new Macs – and they’re set to ship with an in-house co-processor, according to a new report.

Bloomberg has revealed that the firm has a total of three new Macs – one desktop and two refreshed laptops – up its sleeve, which could hit the shelves as soon as this year, and they’re all equipped with its own co-processor.

While the units should still ship with an Intel processor, the move towards an in-house co-processor suggests that Apple is gradually introducing the infrastructure required to start manufacturing the entire CPU setup itself.

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After it’s covered the initial cost of onboarding staff and purchasing equipment, it’s possible that an Apple-made processor could see the price of future Macs slashed, as the company will have more wiggle room when it comes to profit.

As for what to expect, recent rumours claim that Apple is preparing to refresh the standard iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro. Don’t wish for anything too major, though – we should be looking at an iterative internal upgrade.

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