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Apple MacBook Air 2013 video review

Sam Loveridge


MacBook Air 13-inch 2013
MacBook Air 13-inch 2013

With an outstanding battery lifeand the same excellent build quality and design, it’s fair to say we fell in love with the 13-inch MacBook Air 2013 when we reviewed it.

The new 12-hour battery life and latest Intel Haswell i5 dual-core processor makes it far more power efficient, but still just as responsive as the previous model.

The 13-inch Apple MacBook Air 2013 faired very well in our full review, so you might want to get a snapshot of our thoughts on Apple’s latest notebook in our video review below.

“A fantastic update to an already excellent product,” said our Deputy Editor, Andy Vandervell. “It’s a great time for existing owners to upgrade, and it sets the standard for all rivals to try to match.”

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2013 Features

The 13-inch MacBook Air 2013 features a 12-hour battery life that’ll certainly be beneficial to users. It also packs faster flash memory and more powerful graphics that won’t tax that beefed up battery life.

The model we reviewed came with a 13.3-inch 1440 x 900p resolution screen, powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM. There’s a 128GB SSD hard drive and Intel HD 5000 graphics to boot.

Weighing just 1.35kg, the MacBook Air 13-inch 2013 is just 17mm at its thickest point and has a build quality that far surpasses its £950 price tag.

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