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Apple launches iOS 9.1 with new emojis, improved Live Photos


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Apple is rolling out the completed version of iOS 9.1, bringing over 150 new emojis and improving the new Live Photos feature for the new iPhone 6S range.

According to Apple’s release notes, Live Photos can now intelligently sense when users raise or lower their iPhone and will not automatically record those moments.

This means users won’t get a Camera Roll full of live photos that are just folks moving their camera into position in order to take a shot.

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The new emojis feature full support for the Unicode 7 and Unicode 8 standards which brings a wide range of new word-replacements into play.

There’s new food options like a taco, burrito, hot dog, cheese and also a popping champagne bottle.

Most notable is the middle finger emoji, which is probably the most newsworthy addition to the emoji world since Apple acknowledged there’s more than one skin tone on earth.

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iOS 9.1 can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the Software Update of General Settings.

Mac OS X 10.11.1 also arrived on Wednesday bringing the new emjois and some bug fixes for El Capitan. It can be downloaded from the Mac App Store as of right now.

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