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Apple iTunes 11 Released, Sports New Interface

Ardjuna Seghers


Apple iTunes 11 Released, Sports New Interface

Today, Apple has released iTunes 11, the latest in its long-running music and media service which roughly coincides with its 11th birthday (give or take a few months).

Anyone who owns an Apple hardware product like the iPod, iPhone or iPad, or indeed one of the fruity company’s PCs like the MacBook Air - will most likely be familiar with iTunes. What started off as a music-exclusive service soon grew to include movies, series, podcasts and more. However, iTunes 10 was getting a little long in the tooth so it’s good that, after some delays, iTunes 11 has finally launched.

While it certainly has its share of pros and cons, there’s no denying that the software, which runs on iOS, MacOS, Windows and Android as well as Linux, looks pretty slick, especially in this latest iteration. So what’s new with Apple’s iTunes 11? Well, aside from the new interface, which extends to the mini-player, it’s easier to use and offers greater iCloud integration.

Many claimed iTunes was getting bloated and unwieldy. Version 11 supposedly takes steps to address this. The interface is more visual, with graphics replacing text. You can see your active devices along with your media library, song lists and playlists can be viewed simultaneously, an expended view gives you all your album info in one convenient place, and the mini-player is now a widget-like standalone which lets you do most of the basics.

At least it would appear that the 11th generation of iTunes isn’t buggy, or problematic in other ways, unlike a certain disastrous map service Apple recently launched. Do you think Apple iTunes 11 has what it takes to take on the likes of Spotify or is there a longer-running music and media player rival you prefer? Let us know in the comments, or via the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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December 3, 2012, 2:46 am

Apple has obviously stopped trying to get iTunes to work properly and have changed the user interface to show even less.

Now you can't see the issues !!

No other peice of software has ever reached v 11 and still be so useless. If any other company dared to produce rubbish that corrupts MP3 tags so frequently, keeps freezing and is clumsy - would be slated by the world. Not Apple which is a damned shame.

This now needs a complete re-work. What started off as a music collection tool now tries to do too much - all badly.

Apple also forget that every Apple device needs to use iTunes - this cannot be a good first impression.


December 3, 2012, 7:39 pm

I upgraded iTunes on my mum's laptop and found that Cover Flow and the ability to list duplicates has gone. Thanks, Crapple - NOT!! I won't be upgrading my own version.

Ian Kendrick

December 8, 2012, 7:18 pm

I have used iTunes since it was first launched, but am now looking for an alternative.

11 is not good from my experience so far. Adding artwork to ripped CDs used to be easy - either iTunes did it automatically or you could add them manually. I am now ripping my CDs again (with no compression) for use with a NAS drive and a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6. CDs for which the artwork used to be found now are not. Even for some CDs that are in the iTunes store. And it now seems to be impossible to add artwork to CDs. I have read all of the help systems and tried everything I can, but to no avail. And iTunes keeps the artwork separately from the audio file, as it does with meta data so the only thing that gets picked up by non iTunes systems is the track name. The whole thing is a mess. I have even bought a copy of Coverscout and that doesn't do it either.

This is all a backwards step. For the first time I am starting to regret switching to Apple a few years ago and getting a PC and going back ot Windows, which I was so happy to leave behind, just to sort out my music system. The effort of ripping around 2000 CDs is considerable, it isn't something I want to do more than once, but on present performance I may have to.

Apple also has a policy of not being able to go back to a previous system. After the CrapMapApp debacle and the delayed release of iTunes 11 (without any explanation), I was hoping for better.
There is a crying need for software that can integrate all of this lot - streaming with NAS drives is an exploding market and Apple are going to miss it.

I have watched Apple for many years and use them as a case study for excellence of strategic thinking. They have taken rules which were believed to be immutable, broken them, recast them in a way that no one else can emulate and achieved their dominant position. But their performance since Steve Jobs died has been appalling. I no longer advocate their stuff when people ask for advice.


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