The iPhone SE could make a triumphant return in early 2018, report says

When Apple launched the iPhone SE with a throwback design and a 4-inch screen, back in 2016, its success surprised many observers.

The iPhone 6s dressed in an iPhone 5s costume, proved there was still a market for pocket-friendly handsets, despite the push towards larger and larger displays.

In fact, the iPhone SE proved so popular, it was almost surprising Apple decided against launching a sequel in 2017.

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Thankfully, for those seeking an affordable iPhone update in the era of the £1,000 iPhone X, it appears Apple might oblige in 2018.

According to the Economic Daily News in China, the iPhone SE 2 has been confirmed and will be built by Indian firm Wistron, which already puts together the current model.

Previous leaks have suggested a release in the third three months of 2018, perhaps matching the March 2018 launch for the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2 specs

In terms of specs, its highly likely Apple will use components from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 generations, this time around.

That could mean it’ll have the A10 processor from the iPhone 7 or perhaps even the A11 Bionic processor that arrived within the iPhone 8.

The second-generation model will also likely get a camera upgrade, perhaps to the 12-megapixel rear sensors Apple included in the iPhone 8.

In terms of design, we’d expect few changes over the iPhone SE, which was inspired by the iPhone 5S.

That means the hallowed Home button is likely to take pride of place, with no Face ID cameras to be seen.

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