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These 'leaked' iPhone 7 photos are so dodgy it's unreal


iPhone 7 leak

We all love a good iPhone leak, but there are leaked photos and then there's...this.

The internet is starting to get very excited about the arrival of the iPhone 7, which will presumably be revealed at a special Apple event this autumn. So much so that it's apparently prepared to believe that these photos actually depict an iPhone 7 prototype in rose gold.

Spotted on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, the atrociously lit snaps claim to show a test device fresh off the Foxconn production line.

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iPhone 7 leak

Admittedly, the handset pictured vaguely resembles the iPhone 7 schematics that recently made the rounds, but is anyone really buying it? They look more like the work of a bored teenager with a broken iPhone 6S and some spare glitter to hand.

We're unlikely to ever know the truth, so let's just stop guessing and watch this video about a phone that actually, you know, exists.

Is there any way this is the iPhone 7? Give us your two pence in the comments below.

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