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iPhone 6S Plus to boast ‘stronger’ construction following Bendgate?


iPhone 6S Plus casing
Image credit: Future Supplier

A purported iPhone 6S Plus rear casing component has leaked online, with reports claiming it’ll offer stronger construction than the original.

The Future Supplier website (via MacRumors) has apparently gained access to the new shell, which looks virtually identical to the current generation’s iPhone 6 Plus.

The site wrote: "The biggest changes are those two screw holes positioned as shown in the picture below. On the left is the iPhone 6S plus rear housing with the screw hole, used to hold the loud speaker module, is slightly higher than iPhone 6 Plus’, which indicates that the loud speaker module is different."

Not much to write home about right? However, the source who contributed to the report said the backing felt “smoother” but also pointed out the rear casing would be “stronger” than last year’s model.

Putting two and two together, it would be easy to suggest a reinforced rear casing would be a direct reaction to the Bendgate controversy which briefly marred the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.

Scores of users publicly complained their 5.5-inch handsets had warped while sitting in their pockets during day to day use. This move could be geared to prevent similar complaints with the next-gen model. As a result Apple invited tech journalists into its stress test labs to demonstrate how vigorously the phones were trialled.

A stronger shell would also tie into recent reports suggesting the 6S would end up a little thicker than the iPhone 6. According to schematics leaked earlier this month, the iPhone 6S would sport a profile measuring 7.1mm, slickly thicker than its predecessor.

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Would you be willing to sacrifice a few fractions of a millimeter in order to rock a sturdier design? Let us know your thoughts below.

Peter Whitehouse

July 18, 2015, 7:17 am

No s**t, obvious fix is obvious.


July 18, 2015, 10:25 am

No, this article failed to discuss the the choice of materials for the next iPhone and most of the strength improvements will come from them using a different type of aluminium alloy which is naturally stiffer and will be combined with a small 0.2mm increase in thickness according to inside reports.

Prem Desai

July 19, 2015, 6:02 am

I don't believe the bendgate issue exists. I know way too many people with the iPhone 6 (and plus) who have no issue.

Naturally every newer model is trying to be stronger, more durable, more appealing, etc.

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