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Apple iPhone 5 Display Said to be “3.999 inches” and 16:9 in Shape


Apple iPhone 4S
A larger iPhone 5 screen could also have 1136 x 640 pixels, making it a better fit for video than the 4S, shown here

The next generation of Apple’s iPhone is looking increasingly likely to sport a larger display and possibly a change in shape to be closer to 16:9, the widescreen TV and video format.

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Apart from upping the resolution in the current generation of handsets to 640 x 960 pixels with what Apple called the Retina Display, the screen size and shape has otherwise remained the same since the iPhone’s creation – that is 3.5 inches corner to corner and a 3:2 aspect ratio.

According to 9to5Mac, there is more than one iPhone 5 prototype in testing, clad in locked outer shells to hide their design from prying eyes. The website reports that two of the next-gen models have a larger display, so even if certain other features are dropped from the final version, it seems almost certain that screen size will be going up this year.

9to5Mac's source says the new display is 3.999 inches diagonally and that it is also adding further pixels due to the change in aspect ratio. The resolution is said to be 640 x 1136, putting it much closer to native 16:9 proportions. It means videos will play at full screen without compromising in some way, either by zooming or letterboxing.

Naturally the new shape will mean a redesign of the home screen, as it allows for an extra row of icons and other user interface tweaks.

Other rumours flying around suggest that the phone's dock connector will be narrower, reportedly between the size of a mini and micro USB connector. What that means for those who own various speaker docks and other peripherals remains to be seen – maybe adapters will be available?

Finally, in Forbes, Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, is quoted as saying, “We believe the iPhone 5 will have a completely redesigned body style, which may more closely resemble the metallic rear panel of the current iPad.”

Via 9to5Mac and Forbes

Brian Carter

May 23, 2012, 6:48 pm

I'd be hugely surprised by a change in aspect since that mess around with all the apps already released. Apple were very clever when they doubled the resolution. Things just kept working.

I'd also be surprised by a dock change - again this will make a lot of people think twice and greatly dilute the whole "it just works". At the moment when you see an ipod dock you know it'll connect.

My (ignorant, gut feeling) vote goes on a lot of this being utter twaddle.


May 23, 2012, 10:34 pm

That's what I thought too.

The only way they could do this is if the bottom of the screen is used for 'other purposes'. For example my Prime is 1280x800 but the bottom 80 pixels are used for the ICS buttons, leaving 720 for apps and videos.


May 24, 2012, 1:57 am

I would imagine iOS 6 will support current apps by using the available pixels and centering. You'll be left with black borders at the top and bottom i.e. 3.5" in the middle of the screen. There will probably be an option to stretch to full screen too. For everything else it will support the full resolution and 4" display.

I think this is the most logical move by Apple because 3:2 format is so yesterday... You can't have a large screen smartphone in 3:2 format without making the phone too wide to hold comfortably.


May 24, 2012, 4:56 am

"Naturally the new shape will mean a redesign of the home screen, as it allows for an extra row of icons."

Wow, an extra row of icons! So 2012. That's incredible. That's amazing. That's magical. That's the Apple revolution. You'll buy it. It's shiny, you're weak. Baaaaaa.


Brian Carter

May 24, 2012, 1:52 pm

Yeah, and I also agree with Bugblatter's comment. Ok, current take is that they'll get rid of the physical button and replace it (in old apps) with a fixed set of icons at the bottom (possibly just to exit the app so maybe a slide or double tap or something). And then newer apps can choose to extend over that space but with the proviso that they need to support a method of those icons becoming available (eg. swipe up for the exit App buttons instead of the swipe down for notifications).


May 24, 2012, 2:38 pm

>> So 2012.

Nah!!, what will be So 2012 is yet more Android phone's that's out of date 2 weeks after launch. And with lots of Android users complaining they still haven't received there update to ICS, or Jelly Been or whatever the next one is going to be called. Of course if you mention this, you'll get the Android fanboy claiming he'll just root his phone and install it himself, totally forgetting you can of course JB the iPhone if your so nerdy. They'll even keep on complaining about overpriced Apple hardware, when in fact the phone they just bought ends up been about the same price anyway, it still wont fit on any half decent speaker dock of course.

IOW: 2012, is going to so 2011. Nothing will change, and we'll keep getting pointless comments like ElectricSheep's blasted constantly all over the Web. And of course, 2012 won't be 2012 without thousands of Android users telling Apple users how stupid they was for buying a product they wanted/liked.


May 24, 2012, 8:50 pm

@Keithe6e LOL - Chip. Shoulder. Much! Obviously not familiar with the /s (end sarcasm) reference ;)

Buy what you like buddy, you pays your money and you takes your choice. I would never call you, or anyone 'stupid' for making their own informed choice, with anything.

I will soon bail from Android back to the archaic, un-dusted, cob-web encrusted corner of the mobile technology world known as Symbian, out of choice. (808) No doubt plenty of iPhone and Android users will have strong opinions on my sanity buying back in to that scuttled ship!

Here's to hoping that iOS6 gets proper widgets & a useful home screen ;)


May 25, 2012, 12:33 pm

@ElectricSheep: not familiar with the /s (end sarcasm)

Oh, see. Well that makes it all OK then. /s

I'll just have to remember when any Symbian/Android articles are published. I can leave some pointless derogatory comment, but I'll remember to put some the /s at the end. Apparently this will prevent me from having a chip on my shoulder.


May 25, 2012, 6:05 pm

Welcome to the internet Mr. Angry. Enjoy your stay. Sedatives are third isle to the left. ;) Chill out a bit won't you?

Although said in jest, and not for one minute did I expect someone to get so wound up by throw away comment, it is not an *entirely* pointless one. If indeed all Apple do is add an extra row of static icons, it would be a shame. It's time for a fresh approach to iOS's home screen, widgets and interactions.

I look forward to your derogatory comments. Have a nice day.


May 25, 2012, 8:20 pm

Your not fooling anyone my friend, it seems to be your agenda to find any Apple related post and do the same. blah blah blah.

Here is your quote-> "You'll buy it. It's shiny, you're weak."

How about more of your comments.
1. I was with you right up to the last point; the bit where you caved in and wanted one anyway. You must resist!
2. "Yeah, but it's got a retina display and 4G" - Haha. Pass.
3. In my experience, an un-jailbroken iOS device is next to useless
4. Apple's interpretation of cloud computing is also a joke

Oh!! the list goes on and on and on.........

@Mr. Angry.

hehe, you actually think I'm angry.. Nah, I just love winding people like you up. (people like you = a person who thinks his/her POV is the ultimate). And it's working I see.

@it is not an *entirely* pointless one

Yes, but did it require the extra dressing? Of course not, that's the pointless part.


May 26, 2012, 3:21 am

Oh dear, you have a bee in your bonnet don't you? :)

Quite why someone should draw so much pretend offence from someone having a different opinion to yourself, is concerning. I would suggest that you may have you own agenda (one that's more vehemently defended than my own), and it seems to have struck a nerve. Certainly the tone used in response to my jibe, is out of proportion. Just in the interest of full disclosure, are you invested in Apple products? Do you feel that my comments are an 'attack' on you?

I have a very open derisive & cynical opinion of Apple's hilarious hyperbolic advertising machine. I have also always found their hardware to be second to none (I have owned several products over the years); as for the rest of the (compulsory) package that comes with all Apple products, i'm less enthusiastic about. However, certainly without Apple moving the industry forward, re-inventing the wheel and pushing the boundaries of technology & design, the industry as a whole would be poorer, as would be the consumer.

I have and will, have a dig at any company that has it coming, and I always compliment in equal measures if it's due. All those quips that you took time to look up, I stand by. If you hold a different opinion and wish to debate or discuss them, then may I suggest you try a slightly less defensive approach? I'll gladly share an exchange.

As I said before, you pays your money you takes your choice. I certainly won't take offence to anyone having a different opinion. But really, please chill a little bit, we're not enemies!

Here's to hoping that iOS6 gets proper widgets & a useful home screen.


May 26, 2012, 6:05 am

Wow!!, your responses are so predictable. Bee in your bonnet, struck a nerve, invested in Apple etc etc. Do you keep a list. It's very funny really.

>> Do you feel that my comments are an 'attack' on you?
>>"It's shiny, you're weak."

Yes, as the above comment is surely directed at me, and of course millions of others too. No matter what way you try to defend your comments, the intended meaning is pretty obvious.

I'm also the first to point out Apple's flaws, it's certainly not perfect. Eg, I much prefer my Revo with XBMC, to an ATV. The fact you need a Mac for XCode is annoying, I'm a Windows developer and don't really want to have to use a Mac to develop for iOS.

>> Here's to hoping that iOS6 gets proper widgets & a useful home screen.

Yes, there is something we can agree on :) To be honest we would probably agree on many things, the only issue I have is these constant derogatory remarks, that kind of infect what would otherwise be totally valid comments. Yes, if iPhone 5 & iOS 6 gave us just an extra row of icons, it would be pathetic.

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