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Apple Hikes App Store Prices In UK

David Gilbert


Apple App Store Price Increase

Apple has decided that with the current economic crisis engulfing the globe, now was the perfect time to increase the price of the apps in its App Store.

Crazy economic logic aside, the reality remains the same, it will now cost up to 25 percent more to purchase apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch than it did yesterday. The changes have been made across the globe with some lucky countries (like Switzerland, Australia and Japan) seeing a price decrease while others, like the UK, have seen a price hike.

The reason for the changes? Fluctuations in exchange rates between global currencies and the dollar and with sterling currently less than impressive again the Euro, a price increase should have been expected. However global exchange rates mean little to most people downloading apps and the increase won’t be welcomed.

Apple App Store Price Increase

The minimum price for an app in the App Store is now 69p, up from 59p - a rise of 17 percent. However apps previously available for £1.19 will now cost £1.49, an increase of over 25 percent. For a full list of the changes in app prices you can check out the handy and comprehensive chart available here.

With Apple’s closed eco-system, the company has the ability to control pricing of all apps in its App Store and that’s why we’re seeing this across-the-board price rise. Let us know what you think of the price rises.

Source: Tap!

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