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Apple gives iTunes a hasty overhaul


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Apple has updated iTunes and given it a slightly more functional UI.

Everyone knows that iTunes is a bit of a nightmare to navigate, and has been for some time. Apple's more recent updates, while making the software easier on the eye, haven't really improved the experience.

That hasn't stopped it from trying again, though. A fresh update makes a couple of notable tweaks to the iTunes navigation experience.

One of those tweaks is actually a regression to a previous UI feature. Apple has reinstated the sidebar menu for navigating the My Music section. You now have permanent access to your playlists whilst scrolling through your albums and tracks.

Apple has also changed the way you hop between media types, offering a clear drop-down menu for Music, Films, TV Programmes, Apps, and Audiobooks rather than those distinct yet curiously elusive icons of before.

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Overall, Apple's changes in version 12.4 have undoubtedly made iTunes a little easier to navigate than it was before, but it also feels like a curious compromise of sorts. It's an awkward mashing together of two iterations rather than a bold step forward, and it doesn't fix the flaws at its core.

Oh, and good luck finding Apple Music. There still isn't a tab for that. Hopefully that much rumoured Apple Music overhaul will also add a dedicated section. Roll on WWDC 2016.

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May 31, 2016, 3:38 pm

Good luck finding Apple Music? Did you even use the app, or just glance at it? Apple Music is (confusedly) called "For You". Why? I don't know but it is right in the top nav bar next to My Music, New, Connections and iTunes Store. Stupid interface, which is why I downgraded to iTunes 10.7 on my main computer after first downloading iTunes 11 and use the latest iTunes on my music server. I'm still waiting for a decent OS X. Mountain lion was the last well designed and relatively bug free version. Mavericks was a sad joke and El Crapitan isn't any better: SLOW.

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