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Apple Excludes XP Users From iCloud

David Gilbert


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Opening up iTunes in the iCloud to people using Windows made a lot of sense when it was announced earlier this week. However, excluding the millions of people using Windows XP did not.

In the Pricing & Availability section of Apple’s press release about the service, it says it will only be available to users on Windows 7 or Vista. While this may not seem that relevant considering XP is an aging OS – it was first released in October 2001 – but you also have to consider that 40 percent of people using computers around the world today still use XP and it is still the most popular OS out there. While XP had garnered a huge 75 percent of the operating system pie back in 2006, it is now down to 40 percent and will soon be over taken by Windows 7 as the top dog. Microsoft says that all support for Windows XP will end on 8 April, 2014 which gives it three years as an aging but working OS. Apple’s decision to exclude it from the iCloud seems a little strange in that case, considering the Cupertino outfit could be raking in $25-a-year subscriptions from hoards of XP users in the coming years. So why exclude it?

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If we look back a couple of months to the launch of Internet Explorer 9, we see that even Microsoft has excluded XP users from the party. In that case it was obviously a ploy to get people to upgrade to the latest version of Windows but transferring this argument to Apple's decision doesn’t automatically total. PC owners still using XP who find themselves unable to access the iCloud won’t necessarily head out to their local Apple store and shell out for a new Mac – though it might give them the final push to upgrade to Windows 7, which means Apple’s decision could end up making more money for Microsoft. The other reason behind the exclusion could be due to technical details and we’ve asked Apple if this is the case and are awaiting a reply.

In other iNews, following the release of iOS 5 earlier this week, it seems as if iPhone 3GS users won’t be getting a fully-fledged version of the new OS – though the omissions are not that major. According to people who’ve tested the software on the 3GS, the main new features which are missing is the ability to edit pictures within the camera app and tabbed browsing in Safari. Other major new features such as Twitter integration and notifications are present. Check out the video below for a full walkthough of iOS 5 on the iPhone 3GS.

Source: Reg Harware and Engadget

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