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Apple Crowned World's Most Valuable Brand

David Gilbert



While Apple will grab the headlines as the world’s most valuable brand, what is just as interesting is the fact that of the top five most valuable brands in the world, four of them are technology companies.

Indeed the survey, released today by global research agency Millward Brown, has a significant technological theme running through it. At the top of the table of the 100 most valuable consumer-facing brands sits Apple for the first time, having overtaken Google to claim top spot. The brand value of Apple jumped a whopping 84 percent to $153.3 billion. This huge growth is credited to the success of the iPad and iPhone 4 which did even better than expected in 2010. Google’s brand value took a dip in 2011, down two percent to $111.5 billion. IBM and Microsoft joined Apple and Google in the top five with McDonald's the company breaking the technology stranglehold at the top.


Looking elsewhere in the table, one notable entry was at number 35 where Facebook makes it first appearance on the list and claimed the title of fastest growing company with a 246 percent increase in brand value to $19.1 billion. The title of top retailer on the list was taken from Walmart by online retailer Amazon which jumped one spot ahead of Walmart to 14th, with a value of $37.6 billion. Brands’ values were determined by a mix of factors, including future earnings (discounted to their present-day values) and in-depth consumer surveys, Millawrd Brown says. To learn more you can access the full report via the source link below.

The placement of technology companies at and near the top of a list of the world’s most valuable brands show how technology is fast becoming more and more important to everyday life and this can be a good thing for technology in the future.

Source: Millward Brown

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