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Apple Could Soon Be Entering The iCloud

David Gilbert


Apple Could Soon Be Entering The iCloud

Everyone has been wondering when Apple is going to launch its new music streaming service because, despite never confirming it was going to launch one, it has to, doesn’t it?

Should Apple go ahead with such a service, we may today have been given a little clue as to what Apple will be calling it. Anonymous sources, as they always tend to be in relation to Apple stories, have told website Giga Om that Apple has bought the domain name iCloud.com. The domain name was previously owned by a company called Xcerion but it has recently rebranded its cloud storage business as CloudMe, giving up the iCloud.com to a mysterious buyer.

The source told the website that Apple paid a whopping $4.5 million for the domain which if true, and that’s a big if of course, would mean that Apple was surely planning on using the iCloud name for its streaming service. Apple is reported to have been in talks with all the major music labels recently regarding the service with a couple of them having already signed deals. With iTunes such a huge player in the digital music sphere, it would make sense that Apple would capitalize on this and roll out a streaming service, but as always the Cupertino company will want to make sure it works properly prior to releasing it into the wild.

With Google looking at releasing its own music streaming service imminently, Apple will not have things all its own way, but if the success of the iTunes model is anything to go by, iCloud or whatever it's called will be a winner.

Source: Giga Om

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