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Apple CEO Tim Cook takes 99 per cent pay cut

Luke Johnson


Tim Cook
Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken a 99 per cent pay cut for the past 12 months, new figures from the Cupertino company have confirmed.

Having received record compensation in 2011, Cook is set to receive $4.17 million (£2.6m) for his work in 2012, a figure that represents a steep decline in annual earnings in his first full year of replacing the now deceased Steve Jobs as Apple CEO.

Although Cook's earnings have dropped 99 per cent during the past 12 months, a period that has seen the company become the most valuable in history, his annual salary has actually increased to $1.36 million, up from $900,000 in 2011.

Taking home a staggering $378 million in 2011, Cook’s last year earnings were bolstered by hefty stock options that will see the Apple CEO able to cash out shares in the company at regular intervals over the next decade. Despite becoming the most valuable company in history earlier this year, Cook now faces increasing pressure from Wall Street to maintain Apple’s unrivalled growth with shares in the company plummeting 30 per cent since their September high.

With industry analysts currently cutting Apple’s quarterly growth rates, Cook’s 2012 salary of $1.3 million has been bolstered by a separate incentive scheme that has seen the executive’s earnings plumped by a not inconsiderable $2.8 million.

Yet another record year for the iPod and iMac maker, 2012 saw Apple release a new range of high-end, market dominating products with the long awaited iPhone 5 touching down to topple the Samsung Galaxy S3 and regain Apple’s footing in the lucrative smartphone sector.

Continuing to dominate the tablet sector with both the iPad 3 and iPad 4, 2012 also saw Apple make its first jump into the 7-inch tablet market with the 7.9-inch iPad mini lining up as one of the year’s must-have gadgety Christmas gifts.

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Via: TheTelegraph

Tim Sutton

December 29, 2012, 6:52 pm

OK, sales figures are hardly the best way to judge a handset, but how exactly has the iPhone 5 toppled the Galaxy S3?

The S3 has outsold it over Christmas and holds all the sales records for smartphones.

In fact the last set of sales figures showed the iPhone 5 was being slightly outsold by the iPhone 4S.

Gavin Martin

December 30, 2012, 11:07 am

I think the last really big 'wow' innovation in the mass-market space was the retina screen on the iphone 4, where they upped the screen res as well as completely re-styling the phone from the 3G/3GS. Everything since then has seemed very iterative.

The Macbook Pro with Retina is definitely innovative but at the pricepoint it's at, it's not really a mass-market product in the same way the phones and ipads are. The iPad Mini with it's much lower ppi screen doesn't seem to fit in with their other offerings in the space and seems a bit of a rush release to fight in the 7" tablet war.

And when we add the Apple Maps disaster on top....they seem to be rushing things and lacking some of the innovation and perfectionist polish everyone came to expect under Jobs.

Course, this is all just IMO :)

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