Apple ‘Black Friday’ Discounts Hitting UK, Too?

Finally, an international retailer grasping the concept of an international market.

Apple’s promises of a one-day event “not to miss” this Friday are pretty interesting. The implication is that the November 28th ‘black Friday’ sales set to hit the US will cross the international (not to mention cultural) boundaries and make their way to the UK as well.

As many of you will no doubt be aware, the Friday after Thanksgiving, dubbed Black Friday, is traditionally a day of vast discounts and crazy offers in the US but we Brits, presumably having nothing but rain and cold to be thankful for, don’t get involved in such shenanigans. That said, I for one won’t complain if Apple wants to flog some electronics for cheap.

Going by the teaser image, if this UK-centric event is a sale it’s going to be pretty broad ranging. Products such as the iPod touch, iMac and apple TV all look featured. Hopefully Santa will be able to get me that MacBook I want after all!

It’s just a shame the 15 per cent VAT rate doesn’t kick in until Monday, really. the more savings I can get the better!