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Apple and Google reach deal to end patent lawsuits

Luke Johnson


Apple vs Google
The Apple vs Google lawsuits have reached a conclusion

Apple and Google have reached a mutual agreement to end all patent lawsuits being pursued against each other.

With the two tech giants having been wrapped in near endless patent and intellectual property disputes in recent years, the agreement marks a major step forward from the two companies and puts an end to legal filings around the world.

Although the deal has not seen the two company’s licence technologies from one another, a joint statement from Apple and Google has stated that the two will work together in “some areas of patent reform.”

With Apple having long been fighting patent cases with a number of smartphone manufacturers using Google’s Android OS, the lawsuit deal between the two giants will not be expanded to include Apple’s ongoing fights with Korean maker Samsung.

Earlier this month a Californian jury deemed Samsung should pay Apple damages of $119.6 million (£71m) after being found to have infringed on two patents held by the Cupertino-based manufacturer.

Although Samsung has been left out in the cold on the patent deal, the agreement does cover some 20 filings which cover Motorola founded patents which were acquired by Google when owning the American smartphone maker.

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Via: BBC

Prem Desai

May 18, 2014, 8:14 am

Hallelujah!! Common sense prevails at last.

Now we can get down to the business to actually innovating and not wasting money on silly law suites.

With some home, some of the money saved will make it's way to consumers rather than just bloated profits for the 2!! I live in hope .......

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