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appBlaster Lets You Kill Invisible Aliens

David Gilbert


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The press release for the appBlaster states that you can use it anywhere, even on the bus or in the office. However, we somehow think that shooting at invisible aliens with a large plastic gun may attract some strange looks from fellow bus passengers or work colleagues.

The appBlaster is a big plastic gun into which you slot your iPhone or iPod touch and using an augmented reality app, you blast away at aliens which are invisible to the naked eye. The appBlaster doesn’t require any batteries as it sports trigger-to-touch-screen technology to fire the in-game shooter. The triggers operate two pads that touch the screen and shoot the in-game blaster, allowing the user to use both the primary and secondary shooting functions. To make the experience more realistic, the appBlaster can be cocked and reloaded using the iPhone’s or iPod touch’s motion sensitivity. Nice. For some reason, the design and colour scheme of the appBlaster puts us in mind of the NES Zapper we were shooting ducks with way back in the late 80s - which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


The appBlaster works in conjunction with the free app, Alien Attack from maker apptoyz which will be available in the App Store. Once your iDevice is locked and loaded and the app is booted up, you’ll begin to see nasty aliens appearing from behind your TV, curtains and doors before blowing their heads off. The appBlaster is available for pre-order today from here and will cost you £19.99 and delivery is promised for 7 July. The Alien Attack app will be free to download from 6 July and apptoyz has promised some more AR apps will become available later in the summer which will work with the appBlaster. This will work only with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as well as fourth generation iPod touch.

AR is an area which is only going to get bigger and bigger and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the appBlaster to see if it works as well as apptoyz claim.

Source: RED5

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