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anySIM iPhone Unlock Code Released

Gordon Kelly


anySIM iPhone Unlock Code Released

It's been a whole nine days since our last iPhone story. We're sure you suffered withdrawal too...

Breaking the drought at the dregs of the week however is popular free iPhone locking tool 'anySIM' since its code is now being immediately released after developers decided to make it open source.

Posting on its forum, the team explained: "You may know anySIM, the most popular and free unlock solution for Apple's iPhone. Because of the public request and to archive a constant code quality, we now opensourced (sic) it! The source will go online at firday (sic), the 7th of December (sic). Anybody is welcome to contribute patchs (sic) to the software on the proper way. You will be able to submit potential changes to the tree via svn by than. We are looking forward to your contribution! Feel free to join IRC as well at irc.osx86.hu"

Yep, the team clearly encounters more trouble from linguistics than Cupertino's best efforts at security code, but it is hard to deny the logic in their decision. After all, anySIM hacks for v1.0.2 and v.1.1.1 flew out the door but after v1.1.2 tightened the screws once more development has clearly stalled.

Given that all of us at TR are advocates of freedom of choice (three of us - myself included - use unlocked iPhones as our primary handsets) we're firmly behind this decision. This comes more in spirit than actual assistance however, since we can't hack for toffee…


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