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Angry Birds Creator Faces Patent Lawsuit

David Gilbert


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The creator of one of the most successful mobile phone games of all time, is facing a lawsuit from patent licensing company Lodsys.

Lodsys is a company with long associations with filing patent lawsuits against technology companies and among many others, Apple are currently joined in courtroom battle with the patent licensing company.

Lodsys is this time suing Finnish games developer, Rovio, for infringing a patent with Angry Birds on both iOS and Android. Four other games companies have also been joined in the lawsuit: EA (Sims 3), Atari (Greatest Hits), Square Enix (Big Hit Baseball) and Take Two Interactive (NHL 2K11).

Angry Birds patent rovio lodsys

The patent in question concerns in-app payments and Lodsys originally filed the lawsuit against seven other games developers earlier this year. This prompted Apple to defend its developers by saying it had licensed the patent and since the developers were using Appleā€™s API, then they were covered.

This has obviously not dissuaded Lodsys in their attempts to recoup patent licensing fees, however when the BBC contacted Rovio about the matter today, the Finnish company said it had heard nothing official about the lawsuit, saying: "As soon as we receive more information we will take appropriate action."

Source: BBC

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