Has the Android P name slipped out early?

Google’s next major version of Android could be called Pi (or perhaps Pie), reports on Wednesday suggested.

An eagle-eyed XDA Developers editor has spotted a reference to Android Pi within the Android Open Source Project.

At least that appears to be the internal name for the operating system right now.

Mishaal Rahman posted the links on Twitter and speculated Pi might be shorthand for Pie (via Phandroid).

Google has named every major version of its mobile operating system after candies or desserts.

The company often teases the name ahead of time and it’s become a fun annual guessing game among the Android community.

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With Android 9.0 scheduled to launch this year, following Android 8.0 Oreo, the “P” theme seems a safe bet this time around.

It could also be pecan pie, which has a nice ring to it, or pumpkin pie, which would be apt given the update usually begins rolling out in October.

Slow roll

How about Android Pushed-out-on-time? No we didn’t think so either.

Whatever Android P ends up being called, it’s sure to arrive with a host of new features aimed at improving the lives of smartphone users.

However, it’s more and more difficult to get excited about these features, given the incredibly low odds of it appearing on most non-Google phones within 6-12 months.

Android Oreo penetration currently remains stagnant at under 1%. Android Nougat, the 2016 release, is only running on just over a quarter of Android phones.

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