How to install the Android P developer preview today

The first developer preview for Google’s Android P update arrived on Wednesday, allowing devs to prepare their apps for the 2018 update.

The new OS will support display notches and give developers more freedom to harness dual cameras. There’s also improved ability to interact with messages from notifications and access to indoor positioning tech.

The company is offering the download to developers only (this ain’t no public preview) and is at pains to say this version isn’t intended daily or consumer use.

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However, if you’re a highly curious tinkerer with a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel XL you can flash your device and install it today. Those without a Pixel device can use the Android emulator to test their Android apps.

Firstly you’ll need to browse to the Android developer website to download the system image and flash it to a compatible device.

The company is providing a system image link for each of the four compatible devices on the Get Android P  portion of the webpage. Here are the flashing instructions Google provides.

Google says that flashing the preview to a Pixel device will wipe the smartphone of its current contents, so folks should ensure everything is backed up if they’re seeking to return a phone to its previous state.

The Android P preview can also be uninstalled by downloading a factory image and manually flashing it to the device.

Google is asking that any testers read the Program Overview and migration guide to help them build for Android P.

The company also warns that users of this preview won’t review automatic over the wait updates. That will come in a subsequent version.

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