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Android owners can now beta test the latest iPlayer features


iPlayer beta

The BBC has announced a new Mobile iPlayer beta programme, which will allow consumers to test new features before they’re shipped to the masses.

The new scheme (via Engadget) is currently available for Android users running v4.1 and above, while the Beeb says it’ll be rolled out to iOS and Kindle Fire users in future.

Those currently-eligible users can sign up for the test via the Google Play store link.

The firm is only offering 1,000 spots to testers, but those successful applicants will be able to share their feedback with ‘Auntie’ from the main menu.

“In order to be an effective beta tester, all you need to do is use the app as you would the regular version and let us know what you think," the broadcaster said.

“We want to hear about your experiences using the app like you would normally, and at the moment we are particularly interested in any problems or issues that arise from playing 'on demand' (catch up) content, rather than Live content."

The Beeb's plans to road-test new features on the public comes as it battles shrinking viewing figures for the first time as consumers increasingly turn to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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Earlier this year, the Corporation's Worldwide arm shut down the Global iPlayer, but is prepping to launch a new streaming service in the United States in 2016.

The BBC is also said to be considering iPlayer reforms, which would adopt a more Netflix-like approach, where entire seasons are available to view instantly.


September 22, 2015, 5:17 pm

Unless you have a Note 4, in which case the latest (non-beta) is not even compatible, and the previous version does not actually work. Never mind the beta Auntie, get the current version working!


September 22, 2015, 11:39 pm

I finally received an email from them in March, after I went through the tortuous complaints procedure the previous December, stating that they cant do Android yet.
That OS having been out for years.

The main website has/had turned 'Listen Again' into some Mickley Mouse malarkey I've not been back since I tried it.


September 23, 2015, 6:24 am

You are so right about the podcasts website. Try getting a listing of In Our Time maths episodes. It's all eye candy and no content. The most intensly irritating thing is, once you finally find it, the episode synopses have been two thirds hidden - you see a few lines and have to click through "show more" to read the rest of it. Not because there is no room on the page, just because some idiot thought text looks, you know, messy and unsightly, best kept hidden behind more eye candy.

And I still have not found a complete listing of maths episodes. It used to be so simple - a simple scrollable list of relevant episodes with full descriptions. Then they fixed it.

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