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Android Film Rental Launched In UK

David Gilbert


Android Film Rental Service

Earlier this month, YouTube extended its film rental offering to the UK and now Google has done the same with its Android service.

UK residents will now be able to rent over 1,000 film titles directly from their Android smartphone or tablet via a new Video app which can now be downloaded from the Android Market. The service has been operating in the US since May.

Like the YouTube variant, the Android service will give film fans access to films including new releases and films from British studios costing from £2.49 per film.

Android Film Rental service

As with the YouTube service, users will get 30 days to begin watching the titles once rented, and 48 hours to complete viewing once started. Films can also be rented via the web here and users will have access to the title on any device a user is logged into during the rental period.

This launch follows that of Google Books in the UK earlier this month and reports suggest Google is almost ready to unveil its music offering to rival Apple’s iTunes.

While the service is nothing revolutionary, it does at least offer UK film fans the same services available to our US cousins.

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